SPC 1010


Presents the basic principles of speechmaking and opportunities for students to develop their own skills. With the assistance of the course text, this course demonstrates the principles of public speaking in action. Course requires student have equipment needed to record and submit a speech. The three speeches can be submitted through MySpeechLab, Skype, or DVD.


  1. Discuss the basic foundations of public speaking.
  2. Analyze an audience and establish credibility.
  3. Research, analyze, and organize supporting materials.
  4. Organize and deliver effective speeches.
  5. Discuss the use of effective verbal and nonverbal communication.
  6. Use visual aids effectively.
  7. Deliver informative, invitational, persuasive, and special occasion speeches.
  8. Speak effectively in small groups.




Mastering public speaking (Rev: 8)

Publisher: Pearson (2013)
Author: Grice, G. L., & Skinner, J. F.
ISBN: 978-0-205-02939-6
Price: $87.69

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