FSC 2010


Provides a comprehensive overview of fire protection, career opportunities in fire protection and related fields, fire loss analysis, and an orientation to the philosophy and history of fire protection and fire services.


  1. Summarize fire technology, its educational programs, and selection processes for becoming a firefighter.
  2. Recognize fire protection career opportunities in the private and public sectors.
  3. Describe the chemistry, physics, classification, and phases of fire.
  4. Summarize the many public and private support organizations associated with fire prevention.
  5. Evaluate the command structure, management cycle, fire department types, and communication within fire service organizations.
  6. Explain the purpose of training in the fire service and how it contributes to effective fire protection tactics.
  7. Evaluate the codes and ordinances of fire prevention and how they relate to standards for the fire service.
  8. Explain water supply systems, fire protection systems, and extinguishing systems and agents.
  9. Summarize the management responsibilities and incident recovery planning described in the incident command system.




Introduction to fire protection (Rev: 4)

Publisher: Delmar (2012)
Author: Klinoff, R.
ISBN: 9781439058428
Price: $130.65

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