CRJ 4701


This course defines and analyzes criminal justice system organizations including planning and management of human resources, research, environmental factors, centralized authority, and other issues.


  1. Explain the foundation of Justice and Administration as a system.
  2. Explain and illustrate the leadership managerial grid.
  3. Explain the different types of police personnel and their roles.
  4. Discuss different types of police functions.
  5. Analyze court organization and operation.
  6. List and explain different types of court personnel and their roles.
  7. Analyze corrections organization and operations.
  8. Explain corrections personnel roles and functions.
  9. Discuss and analyze the alternatives to imprisonment.
  10. Explain the functions of discipline, labor relations, and liability for criminal justice employees.
  11. Explain different budget processes for criminal justice administrators.
  12. Describe future law enforcement technological tools.




Justice administration: Police, courts, and corrections management (Rev: 7)

Publisher: Pearson (2012)
Author: Peak, K. J.
ISBN: 978-0-13-270899-9
Price: (No information available)

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