PSY 3380


(Prerequisite: PSY 1010 General Psychology, or equivalent) This course examines human adjustments to life changes to the changing requirements of the environment. Some of the topics covered in this class include self-understanding, selfhelp, stress coping techniques, impression formation, and interpersonal communication. Classic and contemporary theories and research will be discussed.


  1. Describe and explain what it means to take charge of your life and give examples of various aspects of taking charge.
  2. Analyze why self-concept is important to personal growth.
  3. Compare and contrast the relationship between body image and psychological well-being.
  4. Assess and provide suggestions for applying sound principles of decision making to your life.
  5. Examine the importance of goals in personal motivation and provide examples of how goal setting can improve mental health.
  6. Describe and explain the concept of leisure and why it is important to personal growth.
  7. Compare several factors affecting our impressions of others, including mistaken impressions, and explain various types of social influence such as conformity.
  8. Explain the importance of sexual communication for a mutually satisfying sex life and evaluate the factors that make for a happy and lasting committed relationship.
  9. Examine Selye's concept of the general adaptation syndrome and explain how to cope with stress and prevent stress from becoming and hindrance to well being.
  10. Differentiate the cognitive-behavioral approach to therapy from other approaches.




Psychology for living: Adjustment, growth, and behavior (Rev: 10)

Publisher: Pearson (2011)
Author: Grover Duffy, K., Kirsch, S. J., & Atwater, E.
ISBN: 9780205790364
Price: $14.95

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