PSY 3210


This course will explore a wide array of relationship topics including attraction, mate selection, theories of love, communication, conflict, jealousy, and infidelity. Throughout the course, research methods, gender roles, and the place of relationships as a science will be emphasized.


  1. Understand the basic concepts, terminology, and methodology used when studying close relationships.
  2. Explain the theories of attraction.
  3. Understand the role cognition plays in close relationships.
  4. Understand the importance of communication in close relationships.
  5. Explain the nature of friendship.
  6. Define love and explain major theories of romantic relationships.
  7. Understand the stress experienced in close relationships and methods of de aling with it.
  8. Understand how to deal with conflict in intimate relationships.
  9. Explain the effects of break ups.
  10. Describe ways of maintaining and repairing relationships.




Intimate relationships (Rev: 6)

Publisher: McGraw-Hill (2012)
Author: Miller, R. S.
ISBN: 9780078117152
Price: $90.09

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