OSH 4410: Managerial Issues in Hazardous Materials


This course examines and covers information that an incident commander might need for the effective management of a Hazardous Materials Incident. This includes but is not limited to, laws and regulations, NIMS, personnel management, asset management, and levels of training needed. Overall awareness, operations, technician level HAZWOPER and the requirements on OSHA CFR 29. 1910.120 will be addressed in the course. This class is not meant to be the only training you receive for hazardous materials management but is to be built upon with continued education.


  1. Examine standards that govern the management of hazardous substances in the workplace.
  2. List the key legislative, regulatory, and voluntary consensus standards that impact hazmat emergency planning, and response operations.
  3. Describe the concept of “standard of care” as applied to hazardous materials training, planning and response.
  4. Describe and understand the components of a site safety plan for operations at a hazmat incident.
  5. Understand the importance of health and safety components for hazardous materials management.
  6. Understand and identify the key components for the incident command system as it relates to the management of hazardous materials during an incident.
  7. Understand and use key elements to identify the presence of hazardous materials.
  8. Define and understand the key components for risk assessment and hazard assessment.


  1. OSH 3640
  2. OSH 3001


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