OSH 4410


This course examines current issues in management of a department-wide hazardous materials program. It includes issues that are pertinent to officers and managers in public safety departments, including regulations and requirements for hazardous materials (hazmat) preparedness, response, storage, transportation, handling, and use; and the emergency response to terrorism threat/incident. Subjects covered include state, local, and federal emergency response planning; personnel and training; and operations considerations such as determining strategic goals and tactical objectives.


  1. Explain and apply local, state, and federal regulations concerning hazmat.
  2. Administer the process of planning, organizing, and training for response to hazmat/terrorist incidents.
  3. Interpret and establish the departmental responsibility for hazmat response preparedness, incident prevention, and incident response.
  4. Identify and work with representatives of multiple services, levels of government, and organizations in an organized incident-management structure.
  5. Discuss issues pertaining to terrorism and tactical violence, including terrorism preparedness, response, and planning issues.
  6. Develop and incident command organizational structure for a hazmat response using the guidelines set forth in the National Incident Management Systems (NIMS).




Hazardous materials: Managing the incident (Rev: 4)

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett (01/06/2014)
Author: Noll, G. G, and Hildebrand, M.S.
ISBN: 978-1-4496-7084-9
Price: $76.70

Hazardous materials: Managing the incident [Student workbook] (Rev: 4)

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett (01/06/2014)
Author: Hildebrand, J.
ISBN: 978-1449688295
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Hazardous materials: Managing the incident [Field operations guide] (Rev: 2)

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett (01/06/2014)
Author: Bevelaqua. A.S.
ISBN: 978-1449696726
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