OSH 3401


Exploration of the OSHA regulations and related safety practices governing the construction industry. Provides an analysis of the high incident/accident rates in the construction industry and how it contributed to the passage of the OSH Act in 1970. Practical examples of how to apply “on the job” construction safety and health programs and policies are presented.


  1. Examine and explain the theories and concepts of construction safety and health.
  2. Discuss, evaluate, and interpret OSHA's Construction Standards and Related Safety practices.
  3. Describe how to apply, on the job, a construction safety and health program and policies.
  4. Define other Safety and Health Issues and Practices in the workplace.
  5. Explain how to estimate the costs of work accidents and rates.
  6. Describe contractors and safety and health teams.
  7. Discuss ethics and safety, and how ethics is an important part in the construction safety profession.
  8. Explain an overview of the Workers' Compensation program.
  9. Discuss Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment.
  10. Define and discuss stress, workplace violence and conflict resolution.
  11. Explain the emergency response system and its importance to the construction safety professional.
  12. Discuss ISO 14000 and its importance to the construction professional.




DeWALT construction safety and OSHA handbook

Publisher: Delmar (2013)
Author: Johnson, D.
ISBN: 978-1133132059
Price: (No information available)

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