HCM 3801: Issues and Trends in Health Care


This course will provide a general overview of the current issues and trends within the U.S. healthcare industry, to include the evolution of current healthcare legislation, managed care challenges and how technology is affecting how providers practice. In addition, discussions and assignments will cover topics such as financial challenges of both patient and provider, disease management, ethical and bioethical issues, patient outcomes, and the classism of health care.


  1. Describe some of the critical issues facing the U.S. healthcare system in the 21st century, including the financial challenges of both the patient and provider.
  2. Explain the factors necessary to create a more equitable health care system.
  3. Evaluate the impact of healthcare inequities among citizen groups.
  4. Explain the impact of technology on the health industry.
  5. Analyze the importance of ethical leadership in any healthcare system.
  6. Discuss common ethical challenges faced in the healthcare industry.
  7. Explain the effect of society’s health literacy on the healthcare system.
  8. Explain why the use of measurements and outcomes is the best way to evaluate healthcare and patient success both now and in the future.
  9. Identify all of the key stakeholders within the healthcare paradigm.




Health care ethics: Critical issues for the 21st century (Rev: 3rd ed.)

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning (2014)
Author: Morrison, E. E., & Furlong, B. (Eds.).
ISBN: 978-1-4496-6535-7
Price: (No information available)

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