FSC 4631


This course provides a comprehensive look at the skills and traits needed to successfully prepare for and manage a fire department incident. Using nationally accepted standards the student will be able to understand an employ the technics needed to be successful on the fire ground. The student will also gain a valuable understanding for the use of NIMS (National Incident Management System), how it relates to incident management, as well as how to employ NIMS on the fireground.


  1. Discuss how to recognize the 13 points of size-up that pertains to special situations and occupancies and discuss strategic considerations for these special occupancies.
  2. Contrast cue-based and classical decision making models.
  3. Identify and discuss engine company duties, hose line placement considerations, and truck company duties.
  4. Discuss the need for incident scene review and identify the signs and symptoms of incident related stress.
  5. Identify and discuss the five basic types of building construction according to the National Fire Protection Association categories.
  6. Design, test, and implement a pre-incident fire flow plan with a review of the affected facility personnel.
  7. Present a comprehensive assessment of a suspected hazardous materials or terrorism incident and discuss the differences between evacuation and protecting in place.
  8. Discuss the duties and responsibilities of command personnel and describe the four characteristics of command presence.
  9. Discuss command and control as it relates to an emergency scene incident management system and identify the positions of command found in the incident management system.
  10. Identify and describe building collapse indicators, and develop a plan to ensure the safe removal of any victims.




Strategic and tactical considerations on the fireground (Rev: 3)

Publisher: Pearson (01/02/2012)
Author: Smith, J. P.
ISBN: 978-0-13-215881-7
Price: $112.14

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