FSC 4550


Examines fire prevention and protection within business and industrial environments. The course explores the control of hazards including smoking, housekeeping, electrical, flammable and combustible liquids, flammable gases, welding and cutting.


  1. Describe and discuss the scope of the fire loss problem and the specific nature of fire loss potential in relation to the fire service.
  2. Discuss and describe the trends and factors, which affect fire loss.
  3. Discuss and predict certain characteristics of a potential fire situation based on known factors.
  4. Discuss the selection of appropriate extinguishing agents and methods given a specific fire situation.
  5. Describe and discuss the characteristics and types of fuel classes and ignition sources.
  6. Discuss the loss control process and the major components of a loss control program and describe the major approaches to loss prevention and control.
  7. Discuss the general principles concerning life safety, evaluate overall life safety, and develop personnel training for life safety.
  8. Discuss the principles of hazard control as they relate to the fire service in general.
  9. Describe the human factors in hazard control and develop hazard control policies to fit those factors.
  10. Describe and discuss the basic features of each type of installed fire protection.
  11. Discuss and explain the performance characteristics of different types of fire extinguishers.
  12. Develop and discuss a maintenance and inspection program for portable extinguishers.
  13. Develop and discuss an employee-training program for the use of portable fire extinguishers.
  14. Develop and discuss the implementation of an emergency plan for your organization.
  15. Identify and discuss OSHA requirements and develop a training program to meet those requirements.
  16. Discuss management concerns for emergency operations and how these relate to the fire service as a whole.
  17. Develop and discuss standard operating procedures for the management of emergency operations.
  18. Identify and discuss functions that should be the responsibility of the emergency team or fire brigade.
  19. Discuss how to deal with the news media during an incident and how this can affect the fire service.




Industrial fire protection handbook (Rev: 2)

Publisher: CRC Press (2002)
Author: Schroll, R. C.
ISBN: 9781587160585
Price: $164.27

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