FSC 3440: Building Construction For Fire Protection


Examines the overview of building construction, building types, designs of structures, and a knowledge of building construction in relation to firefighting.


  1. Analyze the importance of pre-fire planning and its role in firefighting operations.
  2. Assess the importance of studying and understanding building construction principles and terminology as it relates to firefighter safety.
  3. Compare the relationship between risk and benefit and its impact on firefighter safety.
  4. Differentiate the variety of forces and the types of loads buildings are subject to.
  5. Examine and identify the basic regulations that apply to building construction projects.
  6. Compare and describe the role of various individuals involved in building construction, renovation or demolition of a building.
  7. Evaluate the hazards to firefighters from different types of materials used in construction of buildings.
  8. Contrast the basis and development of the various building and fire codes.
  9. Describe the basic concepts of fire protection systems and building construction.
  10. Examine the basics of fire behavior and explain ways in which smoke and fire containment is achieved.
  11. Compare the features of wood frame construction, trusses and identify their behavior in fire.
  12. Evaluate the different aspects of heavy timber construction and its behavior in fire.
  13. Discuss the details of ordinary construction and its behavior in fire.
  14. Distinguish between noncombustible and fire-resistive construction and different types of steel structural systems.
  15. Recognize the different types of concrete structural systems and the hazards of formwork.
  16. Discuss the concept of compartmentalization and fire spread.
  17. Classify the design and construction details in buildings based on occupancy types.
  18. Evaluate the hazards associated with specific occupancies and firefighting operations.
  19. Assess the greatest hazard to firefighters on the fire ground – structural collapse.




Brannigan’s building construction for the fire service (Rev: 5)

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett (2015)
Author: Brannigan, F. L., & Corbett, G. P.
ISBN: 978-1-4496-8894-3
Price: (No information available)

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