FSC 3345


Opportunity to study the fundamentals and latest information on fire prevention practices and procedures. Addresses both the public and organizational responsibilities for fire safety and prevention.


  1. Trace the historical background of fire prevention and the tragedies that proved to be the impetus of fire prevention and how it relates to fire service.
  2. Summarize the struggles in the philosophy of fire prevention and how they affect fire service organizations.
  3. Explain the development and enactment of fire safety codes and the effect on fire prevention programs.
  4. Analyze the role of fire prevention and the fire service administration within municipal government.
  5. Explain the functions of fire prevention within the fire service.
  6. Analyze the need for preparing fire service personnel for fire prevention duties and how this training impacts fire services.
  7. Explain fire safety inspection procedures and the enforcement of fire safety codes.
  8. Evaluate programs for public fire safety education and how these programs benefit the fire service.
  9. Recommend how fire prevention can be accomplished through civic organizations and schools.
  10. Assess the need to instill positive fire reaction and the effect this has on the fire service.
  11. Explain publicity and media programs and how they impact the fire prevention efforts of the fire service.
  12. Evaluate how volunteer fire departments are able to be successful and the effect volunteers have on the fire service.
  13. Assess the fire prevention efforts of the private sector.
  14. Summarize the fire prevention responsibilities of various agencies of the federal government and state, county, and municipal governments.
  15. Analyze and critique how arson suppression can become a tool of fire prevention programs throughout the fire service.
  16. Summarize the fire prevention research of the National Institute of Standards and Technology.
  17. Research, the National Fire Academy, and the US Forest Service.
  18. Explain the measure of fire prevention effectiveness and its effect on the fire service.
  19. Analyze the similarities and differences between United States and international fire prevention programs.




Introduction to fire prevention (Rev: 7th ed.)

Publisher: Prentice Hall (2010)
Author: Robertson, J. C.
ISBN: 9780135041949
Price: $64.87

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