FSC 3302: Fire Investigation and Analysis


The course examines the technical, investigative, legal, and social aspects of arson, including principles of incendiary fire analysis and detection, environmental and psychological factors of arson, legal considerations, intervention, and mitigation strategies.


  1. Demonstrate a technical understanding of the characteristics and impacts of fire loss and the crime of arson necessary to conduct competent fire investigation analysis.
  2. Evaluate the fire scene, in accordance with best practice and legal requirements.
  3. Analyze the fire scenario utilizing the scientific method, fire science, and relevant technology.
  4. Analyze the legal foundation for conducting a systematic incendiary fire investigation and case preparation.
  5. Design a variety of arson related intervention and mitigation strategies.


  1. FSC 2010


Forensic fire scene reconstruction (Rev: 3)

Publisher: Prentice Hall (2012)
Author: Icove, D. J., DeHaan, J. D., & Haynes, G. A.
ISBN: 978-0-13-295620-8
Price: $71.84

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