EMG 3050: Special Operations


This course provides an overview of special operations in emergency management (EM). The emergency management field is ever evolving and requires integration of operations not traditionally considered core EM functions. These functions include integration with the intelligence community, joint information centers, pre-planned special events, critical infrastructure protection, and inter- and intra-state mutual aid. This course explores these and other critical special operations that EM communities undertake. Upon successful completion of the course the student will have an understanding of how EM integrates with these functions.


  1. Identify the difference between disasters and catastrophes.
  2. Examine the challenges associated with special operations, including issues related to mass care, evacuation, and public health preparedness.
  3. Identify the difference between disasters and catastrophes.
  4. Analyze the challenges associated with planning for and responding to large-scale incidents.
  5. Examine the ways that homeland security issues such as prevention and protection as well as critical infrastructure protection must be incorporated into emergency management operations.




Preparedness and response for catastrophic disasters

Publisher: CRC Press (2013)
Author: Bissell, R. (Ed.).
ISBN: 978-1-4665-1189-7
Price: $54.56

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