ECO 2501


Topics to be analyzed include demand and consumer behavior, firm and market structures, international economic relations, and comparative economic systems. An emphasis will be placed on the application of these principles to current microeconomic problems and scenarios.


  1. Investigate resource scarcity as the central economic problem.
  2. Analyze how supply and demand creates the market for goods and services.
  3. Explain how supply and demand elasticity affects consumer decisions.
  4. Discuss how perfectly competitive markets affect the decision making process in business firms.
  5. Differentiate among a monopoly, monopolistic competition, and an oligopoly.
  6. Examine the market for resources as it pertains to firms.
  7. Critique the theories of economic regulation.
  8. Interpret poverty, pollution, and public versus private goods.




ECON Micro 3 (Rev: 3)

Publisher: South-Western (2012)
Author: McEachern, W. A.
ISBN: 9781285116341
Price: $65.82

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