COM 4010: Web Design


(Software required: Adobe CC) (Hardware required: Mac computer with specs listed at This course explores the basics of designing and developing functioning Web pages. Students examine effective interface design and target marketing, along with client development, user experience, and usability. Throughout the duration of the course, students will produce both a portfolio Web site for their personal use and have a practical experience with a client-based Web project.


  1. Develop Web sites from concept of design to implementation.
  2. Effectively communicate with clients and interpret the needs of their Web site.
  3. Determine the target audience and implement the needs of that audience to produce better end projects.
  4. Evaluate solutions to determine if it suits the intended purpose or goal.
  5. Critically examine existing Web sites, deconstructing the elements that work and those that do not and then applying that understanding to the development of their own projects.


  1. COM 2010
  2. COM 1020
  3. COM 1010


Web design: Introductory (Rev: 4)

Publisher: Course Technology (2012)
Author: Shelly, G.B., & Campbell, J.T.
ISBN: 978-0538482400
Price: $104.79

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