BUS 4060


Explore essential leadership skills for today’s team-based work environment. Analyze and discuss leadership styles to enhance team building and performance. Includes leadership communication styles, the power of leaders, situational leadership, creativity and leadership, teamwork, motivation, coaching skills, emotional intelligence, and the impact of leaders on organizational decision-making.


  1. Analyze leadership values for a team-based work environment.
  2. Discuss leadership styles and their effectiveness for leading teams.
  3. Evaluate how team effectiveness is impacted through diversity and power distribution within the organization culture.
  4. Analyze listening behaviors, dialogue, and approaches to conflict management to build a healthy, productive team.
  5. Evaluate leadership approaches for team transitions and the development of a high performance team.
  6. Analyze approaches for influencing organization culture to promote and support team effectiveness.
  7. Discuss strategies for leadership endurance and team focus, including strategies to sustain the team and avoid burnout.
  8. Create a plan for developing and leading high performance teams.
  9. Apply team building and leadership through group projects.




Building better teams

Publisher: Wiley (2012)
Author: Barner, R. W., & Barner, C. P.
ISBN: 978-1-118-12726-1
Price: $42.90

The art of leadership (Rev: 4)

Publisher: McGraw-Hill/Irwin (2012)
Author: Manning, G., & Curtis, K.
ISBN: 978-0-07-802908-0
Price: $162.57

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