BUS 3301


(Prerequisites: BUS 2201 Principles of Accounting and BUS 3620 Managerial Accounting or equivalent) Provides an analytical understanding of financial management, and builds upon the fundamental principles of elementary accounting, economic principles, and the interrelationships underlying the techniques and data through which financial decisions are based. Students are presented with a cohesive, interrelated set of content, which merges fundamental principles into problem-solution techniques. Topics include financial analysis and planning, time value of money, and basic security valuation.


  1. Define what finance is and how it relates to economic theory and accounting information.
  2. Conduct a forecast using relevant data.
  3. Conduct a ratio analysis.
  4. Apply time value of money techniques to various pricing (valuation) and budgeting problems.
  5. Apply measures of risk in financial analysis.
  6. Conduct preliminary financial statement analysis.
  7. Conduct stock valuation.
  8. Conduct bond valuation.




Practical financial management (Rev: 6th ed.)

Publisher: South-Western (2011)
Author: Lasher, W. R.
ISBN: 9781439080498
Price: $256.52

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