BUS 3211: Consumer Behavior


Investigates consumer behavior as the study of people and the products that shape their identities. Presents personal and professional relevance to consumer behavior including psychological, social, economic and political foundations in consumer activities. Analyzing buying behavior, learners explore the products, services, and consumption activities which contribute to the broader social world from a multi-cultural perspective.


  1. Discuss how the field of marketing is influenced by the actions of consumers and how consumers are influenced by marketers.
  2. Relate consumer behavior to public policy issues as addiction and environmentalism.
  3. Explain the process of perception and how consumers interpret information about products and other people from the outside world.
  4. Illustrate the motivation for how consumers are influenced by the values they subscribe as members of a particular culture.
  5. Describe how consumers view themselves and how this affects what they do, want, and buy.
  6. Illustrate how people's individual personalities influence the choices they make in terms of products, services, and leisure activities to shape their lifestyles.
  7. Explain the basic sequence of steps consumers undergo when making a decision.
  8. Explain how consumers' decisions are affected by particular situations and how consumers evaluate the results of their choices.
  9. Explain how consumer purchase decisions are made in conjunction with others, especially co-workers or family members.
  10. Discuss the ways that consumers' ethnic, racial, and religious identifications help to stamp social identities.




Consumer behavior: Buying, having, and being (Rev: 11)

Publisher: Pearson (2015)
Author: Solomon, M. R.
ISBN: 978-0-13-345089-7
Price: $222.89

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