BUS 3210: Business Law


Provides an analysis of business law and management skills. Learners gain knowledge of how public policy is formed and encourages a greater appreciation for modern organizational decision theory. Includes the study of general legal terms and applications utilized in managerial decision making.


  1. Classify the different types of intellectual property, cases of infringement, and detail the measures for their protection.
  2. List the information that must be written in a contract and explain the parole evidence rule, the nature of assignment of rights, and delegation of duties in the assignment.
  3. Explain the basic elements of a contract, the sources of laws governing contracts, and the conditions for an offer to be valid.
  4. Discuss the general rules of sales contract, delivery of goods, right to inspection, acceptance and revocation of contract, and the remedies available to buyers and sellers.
  5. Classify the various kinds of laws, and describe the key elements of the American Constitution and the concepts of the various schools of jurisprudence.
  6. Explain the laws pertaining to employment, including health and safety, unions, discrimination, privacy, and job security.
  7. Contrast ethics, values, morality, law, and the various ethical theories and explain the need and means for promoting corporate social responsibility in business.
  8. Enumerate unfair contracts, contracts made illegal by public policy, and explain the consequences of illegal agreements.




The legal environment of business and online commerce: Business ethics, e-ccommerce, regulatory, and international issues (Rev: 7)

Publisher: Prentice Hall (2013)
Author: Cheeseman, H. R.
ISBN: 978-0-13-287088-7
Price: $98.22

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