BUS 2010: Introduction to Business


Presents the fundamentals of business principles and practices. Business strategies emphasized are decision making and planning, teamwork, technology, and communication. Topics include analysis of the business environment, starting a new business, managing business and employees, marketing, accounting, and finance.


  1. Evaluate major economic systems in the private and corporate sectors and explain the differences in the economic impact between these business models.
  2. Identify modern management and business organizational functions and how these functions evolve in response to external and internal environmental changes in technology, diversity, global competition, and governmental regulations.
  3. Describe market functions, concepts, and processes involved in designing product, promotional, distribution, and pricing strategies.
  4. Explain the role and importance of financial management.
  5. Define the concepts and processes involved in managing short and long term fund acquisitions and allocations.
  6. Justify risk management as an important element in today's business environment and explain the necessary strategies in managing business risk at the local and corporate level.
  7. Summarize the importance of ethics in business and the social responsibility element ethically required for success and social well-being.
  8. Identify the characteristics of IT and E-commerce and how they increase competency and profitability.




BUSN 7 (Rev: 7)

Publisher: Cengage Learning (2015)
Author: Kelly, M., & McGowen, J.
ISBN: 978-1-285-18783-9
Price: $54.56

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