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Tuition & Financing

Waldorf University is committed to making our high-quality academic experience accessible to all qualified students, regardless of income levels. We offer one of the most affordable educations in Iowa and also have one of the lowest debt-upon-graduation rates in the state. 

Low Graduate Debt LoadsWaldorf holds costs to a minimum consistent with competent instruction and adequate facilities and services. The University reserves the right to change, add, or delete charges without notice.

Charges for 2015-2016

A full-time student living on campus can expect the following charges: Tuition, Comprehensive Fee, and Residential Living Charges, for the 2015-16 year (Fall & Spring semesters).

Tuition Rates - Residential

  • Full-Time Tuition 2015-16 year. $19,804 annually. A student is full-time if they are enrolled for twelve (12) or more credit hours for any semester. The full-time tuition charge remains the same for all full-time students, whether they are taking 12 credits or 17.5 credits.
  • Part-Time Tuition 2015-16 year. $539 per credit hour. A student is part-time if they are enrolled for less than twelve (12) credit hours for any semester. Students enrolled for less than nine credits in a semester will be charged a discounted rate of $269 per credit hour.
  • Overload Tuition 2015-16 year. $566 per credit hour. If a student is enrolled in eighteen (18) or more credit hours during a semester, an overload charge for each credit hour over seventeen and one half (17.5) will be assessed.

Low Graduate Debt Loads

Waldorf University 2011 graduates had some of the lowest student debt in the state of Iowa – even lower than state schools! See all the numbers at Des Moines Register – Student Debt.

See how Minnesota colleges compare at Minnesota Colleges Student Debt.