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Waldorf University Theatre

Video created by Waldorf students.

As both an academic and production program, the Theatre Department strives to create an environment that challenges people to work very hard in an atmosphere of creativity, respect and collegiality. 


The Theatre Department offers majors in Theatre Arts leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree and Theatre/Speech Education leading to a Bachelor of Science degree. Our major allows students to engage in one of five concentrations:

  • Acting/Directing
  • Design/Technology
  • Playwriting
  • Generalist/Scholarship
  • Musical Theatre


The Theatre Department also offers a minor program and concentration within the Humanities and Elementary Education programs. This curriculum is grounded by a strong general humanities focus and many courses attempt to connect with the production season.

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Shakespeare Minor

Shakespeare Minor Logo

Waldorf University is one of only three colleges in the nation to offer a Shakespeare minor, in cooperation with the History and English Departments. Students in the Shakespeare minor take an array of courses in classical acting, Elizabethan history, original staging, etc. and work with Waldorf's annual Shakespeare play each fall.

Costume Rentals

The Waldorf University Theatre Department's rental policy allows anyone to borrow costumes and props at the low price of $5.00 per item (except in the case of period or special pieces which may be $15.00, ten of which you will get back upon safe return)! Please fill out this prop and costume request form to begin!


Apply Online for a Waldorf Theatre Scholarship!

We offer scholarships for majors and non-majors alike (some conditions apply; audition/interview recommended for larger scholarships).

The Waldorf University Theatre Department is an open department. This means that all students are eligible to apply and audition for cast, crew and administrative positions regardless of their major, minor or class placement. And, being an open department, students are allowed to apply for scholarships without being required to become theatre majors or minors (although there is a premium for being a theatre major and minor).

The Theatre Department aims to mature young artists in their discovery of self and vocation; expose them to the world (past and present) of the working professional; instill a foundation of vocabulary, skills and methodology; challenge them to develop an aesthetic sense and standard; provide hands-on and practical learning opportunities; and procedure, at the very least, a culturally active citizen.