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Waldorf Choir

The Waldorf Choir is the second oldest collegiate a cappella choir in the United States and is the premier choral ensemble at Waldorf University. Founded in 1916 by Oscar Lyders and strengthened under the long tenure of Odvin Hagen, the choir has maintained the standard of excellence of the Lutheran choral tradition throughout its history. Currently the choir is conducted by Dr. Brett Robison, named director of choral activities in 2014.

The Waldorf Choir’s tours have brought its artistry and message to national and international audiences. Recent tours have taken the choir throughout the Midwest, to Memphis, Chicago, and England. The Waldorf Choir has also performed at conventions of the American Choral Directors Association and in Lincoln Center in New York City.


Meaning literally, “song-choir” in Norwegian, Sangkor is the women’s ensemble at Waldorf. Drawing its members from all majors on campus, Sangkor presents its own concerts, sings for a variety of campus events and performs in the annual Christmas at Waldorf concert. Currently the Sangkor is directed by Travis Beck.

Schola Cantorum

The Schola Cantorum, which means “singing school” in Latin, represents the entire student body of Waldorf. Made up of both music majors and non-majors, Schola Cantorum presents a wide variety of music ranging from Renaissance polyphony to world music, to jazz. Schola Cantorum presents its own concerts, performs in the annual Christmas at Waldorf concert, and sings at community events throughout the year.

Wind Ensemble

The Waldorf Wind Ensemble, originally established as the Waldorf Band after the end of World War II, has won a reputation for excellence, especially in recent years. The Wind Ensemble performs literature typical of top collegiate wind groups, from British band classics to the works of newer American, African and Asian composers. The Wind Ensemble tours regularly both domestically and internationally.

Select members of the wind Ensemble form smaller ensembles, such as the Ambassador Brass Quintet, Jubilate Brass and the Ambassador Saxophone Quartet, which serve on campus in chapel services as well as off-campus at churches and schools. Ensemble members also form the energetic and boisterous Warrior Pep Band for football and basketball games. The Waldorf College Jazz Band rounds out the spectrum of instrumental music with jazz coffee house presentations in the Atrium.

Jazz Band

Waldorf University Jazz Band was re-formed in the fall of 2004. The ensemble is blossoming and fast becoming a group that people can’t wait to hear again. They perform everything from classic studio charts and big band numbers to hard hitting contemporary tunes.

Membership is by audition at the beginning of each school year.

Pep Band

Members of the Wind Symphony form a boisterous pep band which provides enhanced enthusiasm in the stands at football and basketball games. We cut ourselves a little slack...we paint our faces purple and black, we yell, we scream...and we rock!