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Since its founding in 1903 music has always been a central part of Waldorf’s tradition. The Waldorf Choir, founded in 1916 enjoys an especially storied heritage, which highlights the ever-expanding repertoire of the Lutheran Choral Tradition. The choir’s reputation for excellence extends across the nation and beyond, as attested to by the accolades received for performances in Lincoln Center, New York and on their numerous European tours. The choir’s alumni are intensely loyal and fervently supportive of the group.

This rich choral culture cultivated at Waldorf University during the last 100 years is presently augmented by two additional vocal ensembles: Sangkor, an a cappella women’s choir and the Schola Cantorum, a highly-selective chamber ensemble of mixed voices.

The instrumental music program—comprised of the Waldorf Wind Symphony, the Waldorf College Jazz Band, the Warrior Pep Band and a number of chamber ensembles—is equally distinguished, and travels both domestically and internationally.

The Waldorf Wind Symphony, established as the Waldorf Band after the end of World War II, has won a reputation for excellence, especially in recent years. The wind symphony performs literature typical of top collegiate wind groups, from British band classics to the works of newer American, African and Asian composers. Select members of the wind symphony form smaller ensembles, such as the Ambassador Brass Quintet and the Ambassador Woodwind Quintet, which frequent local churches and schools. Ensemble members also rally as a pep band for football and basketball games.

The Waldorf University Jazz Band rounds out the spectrum of instrumental music with jazz coffee house presentations in the Atrium.

The music program at Waldorf is open to non-majors as well as majors. Nearly forty percent of the student body participates in the various choral and instrumental groups. Productions of opera scenes, operettas and Broadway musicals are presented on a regular basis, in conjunction with the theatre department.

All Steinway School LogoThe Waldorf University Department of Music offers bachelor’s degrees in music education and in music—with the following concentrations—Vocal Performance, Instrumental Performance, Piano or Organ Performance, Church Music, and Arts Management. Waldorf established its Bachelor of Arts degree in Music in the 1990’s. In 2003, the State of Iowa formally approved Waldorf’s music education program, the Bachelor of Arts in Music Education. All of Waldorf’s music program graduates seeking graduate-level education have not only been accepted, but pursued by other institutions with scholarships and generous assistantships.

Through liberal giving of its alumni, Waldorf University maintains a generous scholarship program for music students. Music scholarships of up to $4000 per year are awarded to incoming students as part of their total financial aid and are renewable for up to four years. One need not major in music to receive a music scholarship. In addition to regular music scholarships, some returning students are awarded endowed scholarships for the next school year ranging from $500 to $2000.

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