Music Camp Residence Counselor, Luther College, Decorah, IA

TITLE: Residence Counselor

CLASSIFICATION: Full‐time, limited term independent contract

DEPARTMENT: Summer Staff, Student Life Team

REPORTS TO: Director of Admissions

HOURS: Residence at Lutheran Summer Music site from Thursday, June 20, 2013 to Monday, July 22, 2013.

Lutheran Summer Music Residence Counselors, as members of a team managed by the Dean of Students, live with students in campus dormitories and oversee student life and student well-being. Each Counselor is assigned a group of 10‐15 students and to specific student‐related activities, including recreation and other student life areas. Counselors serve as mentors and are encouraged to seek ways to inspire and stimulate students to make full use of the experiences offered at LSM. Counselors are the primary link between students and the Lutheran Music Program national staff.

One of the Residence Counselors will also be assigned the role of “Senior Counselor;” a small, additional stipend will acknowledge additional leadership and decision‐making responsibilities in support of the Dean of Students. Additional student life responsibilities may also be assigned to the Senior Counselor. Candidates interested in being considered for the Senior Counselor position are asked to indicate their interest in their cover letter.

Counselors provide direct care for students enrolled in the Lutheran Summer Music Academy & Festival and oversee all aspects of Student Life. Counselors play a vital role in developing a positive, safe and enriching experience for every student. While deeply rewarding, the supervision of young people can be challenging: for example, counselors work with homesick or disruptive students, as needed. Counselors will be on the lookout for potentially harmful behaviors and situations, and provide clear and concise information regarding campus safety, etc. Students receive the majority of their information about activities, rules, conduct and social skills from their counselors. Counselors receive support and guidance for their responsibilities by sharing thoughts, ideas and challenges with each other, the Dean of Students, and the Director of Admissions.

Counselors are assigned similar and equal job responsibilities. These assignments include, but are not limited to:
• Supervision of a 10‐15 member student group in the host college’s housing.
• Chaperoning and managing on‐ and off‐campus activities.
• Equal sharing of mealtime supervision, including at least one lunch hour each week.
• Equal sharing of “dorm duty” during the day and evenings ensuring the safety of students and oversight of lights out and rounds of the dormitory until everything is quiet.
• Equal sharing of “on call” for emergency purposes during late watch.
• Being completely familiar with and carrying out the rules, regulations, and policies of LSM and the host college’s housing regulations, as well as the information in the LSM counselor procedures and policies.
• Attendance at all scheduled orientation sessions, staff meetings, recitals, worship, and student activities.
• Meeting all deadlines for paperwork, assignments, or other information requested by the Dean of Students.


LSM Operations:
• Assist with checking in students during registration and checking out students at the end of LSM.
• Keep an accurate record of names, room assignments, activity sign‐up.
• Report any illness or accidents to the LSM Nurse in a timely manner.
• Report cases of lost, damaged or stolen property, or student behavior concerns to the Dean of Students.
• Post and read all information, announcements, or notes pertaining to students.
• Oversee students during “dorm duty” and meal times, as scheduled by the Dean of Students.
• Distribute mail and faculty/staff communication.
• Enforce floor time and lights out.
• Carry out established roles in enforcing student safety regulations.

Student Life Responsibilities:
• Get to know individual students, their musical interests, and learning their likes/dislikes.
• Recognize and respond to opportunities for problem solving between students.
• Develop opportunities for interaction between students and staff.
• Provide opportunities for your group so that each individual experiences success.
• Facilitate faith-based “Dorm Devotions” and topical discussions of individual or group problems or concerns.
• Help each student meet his/her individual goals.
• Encourage your group and individual students to participate in LSM activities.
• Develop student group daily recreational activity plans – include both musical and non‐musical activities.
• Supervise and participate in all assigned aspects of the student’s day.
• Instruct students in emergency procedures.
• Assist in teaching or leading an activity, as assigned.
• Organize and lead small group devotion time and participate fully in worship activities.

Musical Responsibilities:
• Participate in one primary ensemble, attending all rehearsals, providing leadership through membership.
• Assist faculty by providing support and mentorship to students.
• Develop opportunities for assisting individual students, guiding them in their musical development.
• Counselors can and do provide additional musical support as needed. These requests are made through and are at the full discretion of the Dean of Students so that it does not interfere with primary counseling responsibilities.

Personal Responsibilities:
• Set a good example for students through cleanliness, punctuality, sportsmanship, and manners.
• Follow code of conduct.
• Encourage respect for personal property, equipment and facilities.
• Manage personal time off in accordance with LSM policy.

• Counselors must be 21 years of age or have completed at least two years of college by summer 2013.
• Understanding of and commitment to the mission of the organization.
• Familiarity with Lutheran churches: constituencies, worship life, church music.
• Appreciation for classical music or personal participation in musical activities.
• Strong interest in working with high school students.
• Excellent time management skills.
• Excellent inter‐personal communication skills.
• Proven ability to solve problems effectively and under time constraints.
• Interest in developing personal leadership qualities.
• Ability to lift and/or carry materials up to 30 pounds.

Counselors will receive a stipend of $1,000 ($100 bonus for each year served as counseling staff), to be paid at the conclusion of LSM 2013. An additional travel allowance is available to cover expenses to and from LSM, as outlined on the contract. Room (student dormitory) and board at Luther College are also provided. Contracted individuals are not eligible for benefits or insurance coverage by Lutheran Music Program.

Interested applicants should send a resume, cover letter, completed background check form, and three references that include name, position, address, email and phone number, mail to: LSM Residence Counselor, 122 W. Franklin Avenue, Suite, 230, Minneapolis, MN 55404; by email to; or by fax to 612.879.9547. Background check form MUST be mailed with original signature. No phone calls please.


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