Banner Sun Health Research Institute, Sun City, AZ

The Banner Research Summer Internship Program offers high school seniors and college undergraduates the chance to expand their learning experiences beyond the traditional classroom.

This eight-week paid internship offers top achieving and highly motivated science students the opportunity to work and learn with  nationally renowned physicians and researchers.

Our goal is to inspire students to not only embrace science and/or medicine as a career choice, but also to encourage them to continue scientific studies throughout their academic careers. Interns come from diverse backgrounds from local high schools to colleges around the country, such as Stanford University and Yale University.

Description:   Internships are open to college undergraduate science majors as well as high school seniors. During the summer, each student will spend eight weeks working in one of the Banner Research Institute's laboratories. The Institute's research focuses on diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Arthritis, psychology, computational medical imaging and cardiovascular disease. The student will be expected to commit 36-40 hours per week to the program. A stipend of $125/week will be given to the student upon their successful completion of the program. The overall aim is to give the students exposure to how modern biomedical research is done.

Training will include hands-on instruction in basic scientific techniques such as solution preparation, pipetting, microscopy, centrifugation, cell culture, and experimental design and statistical analysis. Some interns will run imaging data analysis for PET data, MRI data or functional MRI data by using the latest imaging processing packages such as SPM, free surfer, etc.  These techniques will be taught in the context of the students' participation in ongoing, high-level experiments conducted by the Institute's faculty.

The student will be required to undergo basic lab and chemical safety training, and attend weekly seminars given by the Banner Research Institute scientists and participate in an intern symposia at the conclusion of the summer.

Please indicate in your application if you have a preference in the type of research you wish to pursue.  Basic research, computational medical Imaging research, or applied psychological research.

The majority of interns will be located at the Banner Sun Health Research Institute while the others who conduct computational medical Imaging research will be located at Banner Alzheimer's Institute.

Requirements:  The student must be at least 17 years of age and have completed high school biology and chemistry (or equivalent) with a grade of A (or equivalent). The student must have maintained a minimum 3.5 grade point average (or equivalent) for the present school year. Minorities are encouraged to apply.

Application process: Application Deadline - April 15, 2011

Visit for further information on applying.


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