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Bristol Renaissance Faire in Kenosha, WI

Job Dates
06/02/12 - 09/16/12
$325 flat fee
When was the last time you saw the sun? How about a completely different kind of summer gig to break the monotony and get you outside? 29 work days between June and September. Fresh air, fantastic working environment, lemonade, and eradication of your pasty complexion thrown in for free.

The Bristol Renaissace Faire (IL/WI border, 1 hour north of Chicago) was just voted best ren faire in the country, and we’ve got a LOT in store for our upcoming 25th anniversary season, so the Stage Management team needs a few extra hands.

You’ll be working with jousters, acrobats, stunt actors, and more, helping to ensure that things are running safely, smoothly and on time.

This isn't a traditional SM gig, but I need people with many of the qualities that are in a good stage manager’s skill set. People who:
-- are punctual, dependable, professional, detail-oriented, and willing to dive in and get dirty
-- have a can-do attitude, a sense of humor, good communication and people skills, and satisfaction in a job well done
-- can work independently, handle unexpected problems, and juggle multiple tasks
-- will remain calm and rational when they get a radio call that the gypsies are about to be run over by an elephant and there is a rabid poodle on the joust field

-- have unfettered access to reliable transportation (The Faire is not accessible by public transit. Unfortunately, it will not be possible for us to hire someone who cannot drive him or herself to the faire each weekend.)
-- be comfortable using standard tools such as drills, saws, staple guns, etc...
-- have a working knowledge of sound equipment, especially in an outdoor setting (This is NOT a requirement, but would be helpful.)

Only 29 days TOTAL between June 2nd + September 16th! (All but 2 of these days are weekends, making it feasible to work a day job during the week.) Specifics:
-- 4 weekend days between June 2nd-24th
-- all Saturdays and Sundays between June 30th and September 9th
-- September 3rd (Labor Day Monday) and Tuesday, September 4th
-- 1 additional weekend day in September

NOTE: While there’s some flexibility in pre- and post-season work days, you MUST be available for all 19 show days (Saturdays + Sundays between July 7th and September 3rd, plus Labor Day Monday).

There is a certain amount of semi-heavy lifting involved in this job. You’ll be carrying bags of ice, fire extinguishers, benches, and music stands, and need to be physically capable of spending entire days out of doors in all weather. Other physical tasks may include climbing ladders/structures, walking parade routes in the sun, sweeping stages, etc...

NOTE: While an allergy to bees will not be a bar to attaining a position, please be aware that there are bees on site and that stage management is frequently asked to spray nests as they are discovered during the season.

-- The Faire does not guarantee "hard-roof" housing. Tent camping, for which you would require your own tent, is available, and Stage Managers + SM Interns are given available indoor sleeping spaces based on seniority.
-- It will be best for us to hire interns who are local or live within driving distance (many participants drive from Wisconsin + Illinois each weekend), as tent camping is only allowed on weekends and there are no dormitory-style living spaces.
-- College credit may be available for interns. Check with your university about applicable internship or independent study programs.

If you’re interested in the position, please e-mail your cover letter and resume to Production Stage Manager Casey C. Adams.
-- your previous stage management experience
-- any experience you have working in a festival atmosphere
-- any experience you have with tools and construction
-- any technical experience you have, especially as relates to sound equipment

The final hiring decision will be made some time in March.

For further information visit



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