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Advertising Intern, West Conshohocken, PA



     Ciright is a seasoned, dynamic technology company focused on delivering cloud computing-based solutions for various industries and markets.  Constantly innovating and developing new solutions to optimize existing practices across various industries, Ciright promotes a collaborative, collegial, fast-paced, and energetic work environment that is unlike any other in the Philadelphia region or beyond. We believe that with the right people in place, anything is possible. 

Ciright Summer Internship Program 2011

     A unique, challenging, and vibrant internship program has been designed with a focus on education, stimulation, enlightenment and personal growth.  Unlike a typical internship, Ciright’s Internship Program is focused on optimizing your time to realize the program’s pillars of focus through daily collaboration sessions, fully engaged brainstorming discussions, and in-field exercises.   Premised on a curriculum-based format, interns will constantly be affirmed through the production of various project deliverables that they are working towards established concrete goals so they will never have that “what am I supposed to be doing today?” moment.

     The internship program is meant for students who wish to more fully explore and identify the inner technical and business workings of their chosen field of study. Students will then be afforded a unique opportunity, if they so choose, to apply the knowledge obtained and nourished through the Ciright Internship Program in developing a tablet-based app for their given industry.  This unique experience will allow participating students to not only learning more about their possible future careers, but also about the growing cloud computing software industry.

    Interns will be mentored by a collaborative team of software developers and business professionals to assist interns with their assigned projects and to guide interns in developing/enhancing comprehensive research, business, and technical skills. The internship is structured but not inflexible, and represents a course in experiential learning rather than a traditional job.  Interns are encouraged to attend and give seminars, engage in group discussion, collaborate on assignments, and discuss their completed projects.  And if they choose, there is an exceptional opportunity for interns to help develop and build an actual app!

    This is a highly competitive and selective internship program, as there is only one spot available per industry.  There will be vast amount of team work, think-outside-the-box behavior, and push-the-envelope attitude within a do-the-unimaginable type framework.  Enter the program as an inquisitive, curious sponge and we can guarantee that you will leave eleven weeks later as an inspired, knowledgeable, motivated pre-professional that will look at the world in a completely different way. 

The Ciright Internship Program will feed your mind, body, and soul.  Are you eager to achieve the inconceivable? Apply Today!


-One Intern selected for each Industry
-Unpaid internship with Credits available
-Monday, May 23rd to Friday, August 5th, 2011
-Location: Ciright Headquarters in West Conshohocken, PA

Program Details for each intern:
1st week – Training
4 different projects , each lasting 2 weeks

    1st week -  Research
    2nd week – Product Development
    Mentor sessions
    Fridays – Group discussion morning sessions
    Last 2 weeks – Feedback and QA for potential App Development

TOTAL: 11 weeks

For more information, please visit our website at and/or “like” us on Facebook   All interested candidates should email their resume, cover letter and top three internship choices to Florina Handel at






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