Student Medical Insurance Information

2014-2015 Mandatory Health Insurance Requirements for All Full-time Students Enrolled in Waldorf College’s Residential Program

Waldorf College is extremely interested in making your academic and personal experience meaningful and successful during your time here.  Your health and wellness are key components of that experience.

Students these requirements apply to are:

  • All students enrolled with 12 or more credit hours in the residential program
  • All full-time students living on or off campus
  • All international students
  • All full-time Athletes – intercollegiate or club teams
  • All full-time Non-Athletes
All full-time residential registered students will be enrolled and billed the annual premium of $1,661 for the Student Assurance Services plan offered by Waldorf College for the 2014-2015 school year.   A Hard Waiver will be required by each student who does not want or need this coverage.   Hard Waivers are ONLY accepted by the Student Insurance Coordinator with proof of ADEQUATE health insurance.  Please see Waldorf’s definition of hard waiver and adequate below when deciding to waive.

To complete a Hard Waiver:
  • A copy of both the front and back of the student’s health insurance card must be sent to the Student Insurance Coordinator:          (sending to anyone else on campus will not waive the SAS plan!)
    • Email address:
    • Fax number: 641-585-8194
    • Mailing address: Student Insurance, 106 South 6th Street, Forest City, IA 50436
  • The Student Insurance Coordinator will then determine is the insurance is adequate.
    • For a student’s health insurance to be considered adequate it must be accepted by providers in the Forest City, IA area – that includes Mercy Systems and/or Mayo Systems.   ER and/or Urgent Care only are NOT adequate to waive off the plan offered by Waldorf.
    • If you belong to an HMO, be aware of restrictions and limitations for medical or pharmaceutical services provided outside your HMO territory.  Most HMOs are not adequate to waive off the plan offered by Waldorf College, this includes the Kaiser plan.
    • State Aid Health Insurance other than Iowa’s Medicaid is not adequate to waive off the plan offered by Waldorf College.  Insurance coverage purchased through the Health Insurance Marketplace may not be adequate to waive off the SAS plan.
  • You will then be notified if your current coverage is adequate or if you will remain on the offered plan.
The Student Assurance Services, Inc. plan is for 12 months of benefits with the low annual price of only $1,661.00.  We encourage you to compare Waldorf College’s SAS plan to your current plan or shop for other adequate coverage.  SAS’s plan highlights are listed on the back of this page. 

The Student Insurance Coordinator will gladly help you with your health insurance decisions by answering any question you have or helping you research your current plan.  Please email any requests to

Waldorf’s Primary Insurance 2014-2015 Student Assurance Services  Accident & Illness Plan Highlights

  • Coverage Dates: 08/01/2014-07/31/2015
  • Annual Premium: $1,661.00   (less than last years offered plan)
  • Affordable Care Act Compliant
  • Medical Preventative & Wellness Services:  100% covered In Network with no Deductible; No coverage Out-of-Network (Immunizations recommended by Centers for Disease Control covered at 100% In Network)
  • First Health Network for Medical
  • Catamaran Network for Prescription - Co-payments $15/35/50 with no Deductible; No coverage Out-of Network
  • Unlimited Aggregate Maximum
  • $250 Deductible In Network; $500 Deductible Out-of-Network
  • $500 Maximum benefit for each athletic injury (same as last year)
  • Out of Pocket Maximum $5,000; includes Deductibles, Co-payments (including Rx), on Co-insurance 
  • Office Visits- In Network $15 Co-payment, then 70% after Deductible is met
  • ER Visits – In Network $250 Co-payment, then 70% after Deductible is met
  • Physical, Occupational & Speech Therapy – In Network 70% after Deductible is met
  • X-rays, Labs, PET, CAT, & MRI – In Network 70% after Deductible is met
  • Dental and Vision only covered in the event of an injury
  • Global Emergency Services (Travel Assistance) 

The plan is purchased for the entire twelve months and cannot be canceled after the deadline to waived date, September 8, 2014. All of the benefits can be viewed at  The above points are highlights from the plan document.  We encourage you to read the complete list on the website.  In the event there are differences between this hand-out and the official plan document, the plan document controls. 

Prepared By: Underwritten By:
College Division
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(877) 669-6877

If you have any questions, please contact Bev Retland in the Business Office at or 641.585.8144.

Questions to Ask Your Current Health Insurance Carrier

  • Is my student’s health insurance adequate while attending Waldorf College in Forest City, IA?
  • Does my student’s health insurance work at Mercy Clinic and/ or Mayo Clinics?
  • Will my student’s health insurance cover more than a medical emergency?
  • If my student’s health insurance is a HMO, does it have a “Guest Membership” option that would allow my student to see providers besides ER/Urgent Care in the Forest City area?

2014-2015 Supplemental Secondary Excess Accident Insurance Plan

Waldorf College’s full-time residential program students are automatically enrolled in as supplemental secondary excess accident insurance plan from August 1 through July 31 each year with no additional cost to the student.  Please note that this plan is for accidents and injuries only.  It is also an excess plan and NEVER pays as primary; it does not cover illnesses, and only pays after the student’s private health insurance has been processed. 

For a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the further implementation of the Affordable Care Act, the health insurance landscape is changing.  As a result, we find ourselves in a position where certain changes to our Supplemental Secondary Excess Accident Plan need to be made.  Please make note of this year’s plan benefits.

It is always the student’s personal responsibility to pay their medical bills.  All students need to rely on their own personal health insurance at all times.  Waldorf College NEVER pays for any provider visits and all unpaid bills are always the student’s sole responsibility.  Please note the following important considerations with respect to this insurance:

  • The accidental supplemental insurance is filed only after primary insurance has been processed and only under certain conditions.
  • The injured student MUST see a licensed provider within 30 days of the incident or this policy will reject the claim.
  • Claims arising from self-inflicted injuries and while the student is under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be covered.
  • The plan benefit period is for 52 weeks from the date of injury.  Any treatments extending past the 52 week period will be the student’s sole responsibility.  All arrangements for treatment are to be made before the student graduates or withdraw from Waldorf College.
  • There will now be a $750 reducing deductible on Waldorf’ secondary excess accident plan requiring the student to pay out of their pocket before the plan starts to pay towards a claim.
  • All injuries must be reported during the contest/practice or immediately thereafter to the supervising Athletic Trainer, Student Health Services, or the Head Coach.  If the situation is an emergency, the student must notify the Athletic Trainer or Student Health Services within 48 hours of the emergency room visit.   Otherwise, expenses incurred will be the sole responsibility of the student.
  • All appointments with physicians, specialists, physical therapies, etc. must be made through Waldorf’s athletic trainers or Waldorf’s Student Health Services (this includes second opinions).  Except for emergency cases, authorization for these appointments must be obtained prior to seeing a doctor or hospital.  A student is at liberty to depart from this policy and seek unauthorized treatment, but in doing so he/she assumes all incidental risks and the expense of the medical services.
  • Non-athletic conditions such as asthma, cardiac, etc. are not covered under this plan.
  • Previous Injuries are NOT covered under this plan.  Waldorf College is not responsible for any pre-existing injury, condition or operations nor is our secondary excess accident plan.  All costs related to the evaluation, care and treatment of pre-existing conditions is the sole responsibility of the student.
  • Dental Care and Vision Care is limited to injury to sound natural teeth and/or to student’s eye(s) caused during an authorized practice or intercollegiate contest.   Damage or breakages of glasses/contacts are NOT covered under this plan.
Waldorf never pays for any provider visits.  Bills are always the student’s responsibility.

Any medical bills not covered by the student’s personal health insurance or the supplemental plan are the responsibility of the student and not the responsibility of Waldorf College. 

When a provider visit has been set up, the student must present their personal health insurance card and Waldorf’s secondary insurance card at each check in.   The trainers or school nurse will give the student a secondary card to carry with them to ALL appointments.  Failure to present both cards at every medical visit may result in a claim being denied.

If the student’s primary health insurance coverage changes or is dropped during the school year, it will be the student’s responsibility to notify Waldorf’s Student Insurance Coordinator and the Athletic Trainer immediately.   Information on the student’s new coverage must be made immediately and copy of the new insurance card needs to be provided to the Student Insurance Coordinator when available.  If the student needs primary insurance coverage, they can be enrolled in the plan offered by Waldorf College with proof of cancelation within 30 days of the prior insurance plan’s cancelation.   All practices, conditioning, and work out must stop while the student in uninsured. 

If you have any questions, please contact Bev Retland in the Business Office at or 641.585.8144.

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