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Breen Hall at Waldorf CollegeBreen Hall
Breen Hall (1998) is named for Clarence, an alumnus, and his brother Elroy Breen, generous supporters of the college.

Breen is a three-story, co-educational residence hall for upper-class students. Breen has the capacity to house 94 students and features furnished rooms (loveseat, lounge chair, end table and lamp) with central air-conditioning, private bath, and two connections to the campus computer network. Other unique features to the hall include two lounges (one of them being a movie lounge), a private study area, and elevator access to all three levels. A tiered conference room on the first level includes the latest in media services and seating for 50.

Johnson and London Hall at Waldorf CollegeJohnson-London Hall
Johnson-London Hall (1968) is a four-story, two-wing residence hall. It is named in honor of O.J. Johnson, a former professor and dean of men and dean of the College; and for Hans London, a former member of the Waldorf College maintenance staff. 

Johnson-London serves as the primary living area associated with the Waldorf First-Year Experience. There is capacity for 154 freshmen students. The hall provides an environment that offers large, open social lounges and close proximity to both the main campus and the athletic fieldhouse. Most, if not all, freshmen will begin their collegiate experience living in these halls and building a strong sense of community.

Ormseth Hall at Waldorf CollegeOrmseth Hall
Ormseth Hall (1966) is a four-story residence hall named after Gladys Ormseth, a former Waldorf instructor and bookstore manager.

Ormseth caters to upper-class students requesting a co-ed experience. Housing 91 students, Ormseth Hall currently offers the only quad living experience for students as each floor has one room which may hold up to four students requesting the option to live and learn together as a group.

Rasmusson Hall at Waldorf CollegeRasmusson Hall
Rasmusson Hall (1955) is a three-story residence hall for approximately 56 students. It is named for Tillie Rasmusson, a former food service director who was beloved for her caramel rolls.

Rasmusson is another residence hall that serves upper-class students. It is coed by floor and because of its small size it provides the opportunity for students to develop a sense of close community and live closest to Waldorf's academic buildings.

Tanner Hall at Waldorf CollegeTanner Hall
Tanner Hall (1964) is named for The Rev. Dr. Jacob Tanner, a popular and distinguished former theology professor at Waldorf who is known to have taken two steps as one at a time when he was still teaching at the age of 90.

Tanner Hall has a capacity to house 144 students in its north and south wings. The north wing is open and operational and will house upper-class and transfer students while providing for special-needs accommodations. The lobby of Tanner Hall has recently been remodeled and provides a nice area for studying and relaxation.

Columbia Theme House Columbia House
Immanuel Theme HouseImmanuel House
Lux Theme HouseLux House
Olson Theme HouseOlson House
Veritas Theme HouseVeritas House
Warrior Theme HouseWarrior House

Theme Houses
Waldorf has six Theme Houses for upperclass students.

The Immanuel Theme House is named for Immanuel Lutheran Church.
The Warrior Theme House is named in the spirit of Waldorf.
The Olson Theme House is named after Nancy and Steve Olson who donated it to the College.
The Columbia Theme House is named after our sister school Columbia Southern University.
The Lux Theme House and the Veritas Theme House were both named after the College’s motto on our seal “Lux et Veritas” meaning Light and Truth.

The theme house program provides a unique opportunity that is designed to bring students together who share a common area of interest, and to provide a richer living and learning environment thereby creating their own residential experience in a non-traditional residential environment. With a rigorous application process, students select a theme, apply for a theme house and when selected, they execute monthly programs, in addition to a campus-wide program per semester, promoting their theme. Each theme house has two faculty or staff advisors who help focus the residents on the house's theme to broaden and enhance the educational experience outside of the classroom. This housing option provides a home atmosphere whereby the houses are fully furnished and provides amenities one would enjoy in a home atmosphere.

Timberland Apartments at Waldorf CollegeTimberland Apartments
Timberland (2006) is named for Timberland Builders, the firm that partnered with Waldorf to provide apartment style housing for juniors and seniors.

Timberland is a two-story building with four apartments on each floor. In each apartment there are four single rooms, two full bathrooms, a fully furnished kitchen, living and dining areas, washer and dryer, wireless internet, and off-street parking adjacent to the building. This modern complex was erected to provide juniors and seniors the opportunity to experience independent, off-campus style housing while still enjoying all the benefits of living on campus.