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Residence Life

Residence Life Waldorf CollegePhilosophy

As a residential college, Waldorf University is committed to providing its students excellent living and learning communities in a variety of living opportunities. Waldorf students enjoy the interaction in an environment that teaches the value of community and inclusiveness. Students are allowed tremendous opportunities to connect with the entire institution and share in the core values of Waldorf: Community, Service, Critical Inquiry and Lifelong Learning. In the various living and learning communities, these values are expressed through the student's knowledge, compassion, understanding, justice, respect for all persons, care for the environment, and service to one another. Students are encouraged and supported to achieve success in their academic and co-curricular activities.

Residency Requirement

Campus housing is available for all full-time students.  Students are required to live in University housing and have a board plan unless they meet at least one of the following exceptions:

  • have lived on campus for at least six semesters
  • will be at least 21 years old by September 1 for the Fall Semester and by January 15 for the Spring Semester
  • are married
  • have children living with them
  • are living at home with parents and commuting from their permanent address within a 35 mile radius of the University
  • transferred in with at least 30 credits prior to the start of the semester
Students meeting at least one of these requirements will be  approved by the Dean of Students.

General Information

Please utilize the various housing tabs at the left of this page to learn more about the Residence Life staff, our unique housing options, general information about living on campus, housing forms, and the campus judicial policy.

First Year Experience Theme Floor Communities-Johnson & London Hall

Themed communities offer unique living and learning environments for our first year students. Participate in our First Year Experience residence hall theme floor community and you’ll discover an avenue for connecting with peers, mentors and campus resources. Make the transition from high school to college life smoothly with the help of an upperclassman Resident Assistant (RA). The theme floor communities in J&L allow you to explore and experience Waldorf with other students who share your interests. The students, along with a Resident Assistant (RA) and faculty/staff members, develop and participate in community events and experiences consistent with your floor theme. Themed Communities receive special funding through Residence Life to accomplish their goals and endeavors. Give back to the local community through service projects or participate in unique programming selected for each theme. Interact and network with professionals from around the community and Waldorf faculty members. Research shows that students who take part in theme floor communities have higher GPAs!

Pick Your Theme Floor and . . .

  • Explore common student interests and passions
  • Bond with other students
  • Connect with enthusiastic faculty and staff members
  • Challenge yourself in new ways
  • Make a lasting impact on your collegiate experience and create meaningful relationships with people across campus.
  • Develop leadership skills through activities and environments where you are able to learn from each other’s experiences.
  • Be able to appreciate others’ similarities and differences.

Give Back Floor
This floor consists of individuals who think volunteering and making a difference is a fun and rewarding experience. Community service learning is a concept that promotes responsible citizenry and hands-on learning activities on and around campus community which supports the philosophy that learning through service is a fundamental part of life at Waldorf University.  Students will network with other students, faculty/staff and organizations who share the desire to make a difference. The RA placed on the Give Back floor enforces and assists students with volunteer programs.
Sample Ideas: Cards for the Troops, Rake-O-Thon, Volunteer at the Humane Society, Penny Wars

Get Involved (Traditional Floor)
We are a small campus and students in co-curriculars spend lots of time with their teams and fine arts group. However, the mission of the Traditional Floor is to foster a welcoming community for all new college students with no particular interest group. The goal is to provide a support system and great living experience for a mix of residents from all over the US that will integrate into a diverse floor of students and help them continue throughout their four years here at Waldorf University. If you don’t always want to be around your team, choir, band or theatre group and want to get to know a bigger variety of new students, then this is the floor for you!

Get Fit (Healthy Living/Exercise)
This floor consists of students interested in creating a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Education and activities in getting healthy and active is conducted through a variety of programs, speakers, and bulletin boards. Students who live in this community agree not to have or use alcohol, tobacco, and/or other controlled substances and do not want alcohol or other drugs in their living environment and agree not to allow any mood-altering substance, or anyone under the influence of a substance, onto the floor. Students that live on these floors have made a lifestyle choice and wish to live with others who have made a similar choice. This housing option promotes a sense of school pride along with healthy living and actively promoting the school’s athletic teams. Don’t miss an opportunity to make great connections with various offices and departments on campus that offer resources conducive to overall good health. Live Healthy, Live On!

Get Smart Floor (Study/Academic)
Prefer peace and tranquility? Needing a bit more of a focused environment to maintain your academics? This is the floor for you! Students living on this floor will engage in unique opportunities that weave fun and friendship with learning, academics, and tight-knit community groups. Students on this floor agree to maintain an academically-lead environment on this floor. Students have great opportunities to make friends and study partners and many students will be taking classes together, while living together which promotes a smoot transition to college life and academic success. The academic study theme floor participants will create an environment that supports and creates academic success while maintaining a quieter environment for which to study.