Waldorf Strength & ConditioningMission Statement

Under the direction of full-time Waldorf College strength and conditioning coordinator Tony Reynolds, the Strength and Conditioning program supports both the mission of Waldorf athletics and academics.  Additionally, the mission of the Strength and Conditioning program is to provide committed service to all Waldorf student athletes helping them to reach peak potential while decreasing the risk of injury, Waldorf Strength and Conditioning also seeks to serve as a leader, innovator and educator in the world of strength and conditioning. 

Primary Objectives

The Waldorf Strength and Conditioning program serves to meet the following five objectives.

Objective No 1:  Positively affect the lives of each student athlete through character building, leadership opportunities and goal setting.

Objective No 2: Instill a lifelong habit of proper lifting mechanics, safe and sensible exercise selection, and goal setting in each and every athlete through in-depth one-on-one and group skills training.

Objective No 3: Dramatically decrease the occurrence of and susceptibility to injury in all athletes through the use of individualized joint specific, compound static and dynamic testing and assessment preceding the implementation of corrective exercises and sport specific training.

Objective No 4: Significantly enhance athletic performance as it relates to each athlete's unique characteristics, their position, and sport though the comparison of a comprehensive analysis of the requirements of the position/sport and an assessment of the athlete.

Objective No 5: Provide guidance and education to those seeking a profession in strength and conditioning or a related field, and to those already serving in these professions.