Waldorf College Homecoming

Homecoming 2015

Dear Alumni,

One hundred years ago, the College Song was composed by a committee of students from the Class of 1915: Marie Malmin, John Amundson and Carl Grouskou, with music by teacher Alice Heiberg. A century later, the song is lovingly referred to as the Waldorf College Alma Mater. We honor these alumni and the song that has become a beloved hallmark of our college, with the 2015 Homecoming theme: “All hail to thee, O Waldorf!”

The Alma Mater captures the very essence of Homecoming. In the 1915 Waldorf Journal, President Dr. Martin Hegland offered his timeless interpretation of the opening lyrics:

All hail to thee, O Waldorf!
“That we apostrophize the institution indicates that we think of our school as possessing personality—a conscious, sensitive, living being. And so it is. The school does not consist essentially of bricks and mortar. The lives and personalities of founders and supporters, teachers and students past and present, all combine to make up the personality to which we bring our tribute of well wishings.”

And so, we invite you, an integral part of Waldorf’s personality and history, back to campus to help us celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Alma Mater and all that Waldorf College means to you. We invite you home to meet up with classmates and faculty and staff; to retrace your steps across campus, perhaps discovering some new buildings and additions along the way; to reflect on the ways Waldorf College has influenced your life; and to mingle with our current students at the Homecoming football game, parade, alumni choir sing-a-long and other events.

Please consider coming home, for you are Waldorf College!


Rita Gilbertson
Former Director of Alumni Relations
(641) 585-8140; alumni@waldorf.edu

2015 Homecoming Golden Class: Class of 1965