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Alumni Ambassador Program

I love to tell the story…

This title alone conjures the age-old hymn we all have grown to love singing in church or on campus. My hope with this message is that you, a Waldorf University alum, would be willing to tell the story of your own unique Waldorf experience.

Your alumni board is undertaking an exciting new journey to aid admissions in spreading the word and message of our alma mater. The Waldorf University Ambassador Program provides you an opportunity to reach out to prospective students who have shown an interest in attending our school. The only prerequisite is your love and admiration for Waldorf and her mission.

This project is quite simple. You may register online by providing some very basic contact information for the alumni board ambassador coordinator. I am currently serving in this role. This information will not be used for any reason other than to allow me to contact you regarding this effort. As names of prospective students in your area are received from the admissions staff, I will forward them to you in hopes that you contact them. This may be done by note, email, phone call or even visit to allow you to share your Waldorf story in person and to encourage the student to take a closer look at campus. The method of contact is up to you, whatever you are most comfortable with. You may even recognize some of the names that are sent to you!

Our hope is to help Waldorf continue to grow. While our admissions department is staffed with experienced and energetic professionals that do amazing work in spreading the word about Waldorf, nothing can compare to the stories that rest in you.  We do not expect you to know everything there is to know about Waldorf today -- we simply would like you to share your Waldorf experience.

I hope you strongly consider this opportunity to give back to a place that has helped shape the person you are today. With your help, we can continue to tell the story of Waldorf College to a whole new generation of students. 

Andy Buffington ’90
Ambassador Coordinator
Waldorf University Alumni Board