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The 2015-16 catalog can be obtained through the Registrar's office, or downloaded as a PDF.

Published September, 2015 Vol. 109

In compliance with Iowa Code § 261B.9, prior to the commencement of a course of instruction and prior to the receipt of a tuition charge or fee for a course of instruction, Waldorf University provides written disclosure to students of the following information. This information is provided in the University Catalog, both in print and on the university’s web site:
  1. The name or title of the course.
  2. A brief description of the subject matter of the course.
  3. The tuition charge or other fees charged for the course. If a student is enrolled in more than one course, the tuition charge or fee for all courses may be stated in one sum.
  4. The Refund Policy for the return of the refundable portion of tuition, fees, or other charges.
  5. The application process for Waldorf’s degree programs and the fact that completion of the course is applicable toward a degree granted by Waldorf University.
  6. The name of Waldorf’s accrediting agency, the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, as recognized by the United States Department of Education.
The provisions of this catalog are not to be seen as a binding contract between the student and Waldorf University. The University reserves the right to make changes that seem necessary or desirable, including course, policy and program changes, and cancellations.

To graduate, students must meet the degree requirements from the catalog of any year in which they are enrolled full-time. If the student withdraws for more than one semester, the requirements of a subsequent catalog must be followed.

The fulfillment of graduation requirements is the responsibility of the student, not the registrar or the academic advisor. To this end, the student should keep a copy of the catalog under which they intend to graduate.

Waldorf University, 106 South Sixth Street, Forest City, Iowa 50436
641-585-2450 or 1-800-292-1903

Waldorf University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA), 230 South La Salle Street, Suite 7-500, Chicago, IL 60602-2504; 312-263-0456

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2015-16 Catalog