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Careers in Wellness

Wellness is an appropriate undergraduate major for students applying to the following professional programs: physical therapy, occupational therapy, chiropractic medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, medicine, and veterinary medicine.

Corporate wellness programs are thought to be the wave of the future as far as prevention programs (stress management, exercise programming, nutrition/diet advising) and treatment programs (smoking cessation, blood pressure management, stress mastery). There are career opportunities in wellness in hospitals, colleges/universities, large and small corporations, etc.

Many health insurance companies are promoting wellness programs in order to serve a large number of people for a lower price than it would cost to treat the potential problems that each individual might develop over time without a prevention program.

Health clubs, spas, and fitness centers offer career opportunities for wellness specialists in a variety of positions, both entry-level and management. Responsibilities might include health promotion, implementing prevention programs, holistic health management, as well as fitness & nutritional consultations. In the health club setting, often a bachelor's degree is the minimum requirement for managerial positions.

Students interested in opening their own health-related business or consulting firm could consider several options: a Wellness BA degree, a dual major with the Business BA, or a Business BA with the Wellness minor degree.

Wellness is an appropriate undergraduate major for students applying to graduate programs in the following fields: wellness, health administration, health promotion, recreation or leisure studies, therapeutic recreation, human resource management, college student affairs or even student activities.