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Sociology Course Descriptions

SOC 221 Introduction to Sociology (3 cr.)

A study of the basic concepts and methods of sociology, of social laws and forces, and of the fundamental social institutions.

SOC 222 Social Problems (3 cr.)

An analytical study of selected social issues with emphasis on deviation from normative standards resulting in social disorganization. Issues to be covered include crime and delinquency, poverty, racism, sexism, prejudice, mental illness, and other social maladjustments. (Prerequisite: SOC 221)

SOC/PSY 232 Close Relationships (3 cr.)

This course will explore a wide array of relationship topics, including attraction, mate selection, theories of love, communication, conflict, jealousy, and infidelity. Throughout the course, research methods, gender roles, and the place of relationships as a science will be emphasized. Classes will be comprised of lecture, small and large group discussion, activities and demonstrations, videos, and guest lectures.