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The mission of the music department is:

  1. To offer an undergraduate music program in a liberal arts setting which serves both the student majoring in music as well as the non-major with an interest in growing musically.
  2. To cultivate an atmosphere of musical integrity in which the future music professional’s ability to work and think in their field is fully developed.
  3. To maintain a teaching faculty that models personal and professional integrity, and is committed to students as whole persons—encouraging and supporting them while demanding their very best.
  4. To foster an environment for performance and learning which is essentially Christian, including Godly stewardship of time, ability and talent, the creation of a supportive family of goodwill and congeniality, and encouragement of healthy competition.
  5. To provide the necessary pre-professional development of the most talented students while providing ample opportunity to those who demonstrate ability and desire, but who commence collegiate studies with less sophisticated performance experience and musical background.
  6. To prepare students not only for the profession of music, but also for life-long learning, service to church and community, and enjoyment of their abilities at home. 

Degree Tracks

  • Music Education
  • Music Performance – Vocal, Instrumental, Piano, Organ
  • Arts Management
  • Church Music

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