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A Broad Base of Knowledge

Rather than training student in one focused field of study, the HBA program offers a broad liberal arts education to develop critical thinking, writing skills, inquisitive minds, and expansive views of the intertwined nature of the various branches of humanities. Students gain an expansive breadth of knowledge as they explore ideas in English, history, music, art, philosophy, religion, and theatre as well as their area of concentration.


Humanities internships are flexibly designed to match the interests of individual students. They extend beyond the classroom by providing valuable job experience in humanities organizations such as museums, theatres, music organizations, and galleries, as well as at the Waldorf Writing Center, ESL classrooms, publishing companies, crisis intervention agencies, and historical sites.

Study Abroad

Most HBA students study abroad in the first five-week block of their fifth semester. Two weeks are spent reading assigned texts and five weeks in a study location abroad. The two-week reading period allows students to build a knowledge base before traveling overseas for three weeks. Waldorf faculty accompany students abroad and instruct courses on-site.

Graduate School Entrance

Personalized instruction from faculty is a major benefit in preparing students for the selection and admittance process for graduate school. Waldorf's HBA program has a very high acceptance rate for those applying to graduate programs.