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History BA-Political Science Track

General Education Course Requirements

Along with the Core Curriculum you must meet the requirements of the following to complete a major in Political Science.:

HIS 110 Medieval World (3 credits)
HIS 120 Ancient World (3 credits)
HIS 161 Modern World or HIS 171 Contemporary World (3 credits)
HIS 201 U.S. History to 1877 (3 credits)
HIS 202 U.S. History from 1877 (3 credits)
HIS 210 Methods of History (3 credits)
POL 112 American Government (3 credits)
POL 204 Introduction to Public Relations or 422 Public Relations Skills (3 credits)

Three Upper level Political Science Courses

Three Upper level History or Political Science Courses

Three HIS Seminars (1 credit)
(Differ by semester)

Internship 495 (6-9 credits)

Senior Thesis (3 credits)
Plus an additional upper level POL or HIS course

One Year of Foreign Language (8 credits)


Please note that along with the Core Curriculum and the Political Science major curriculum students must complete a minor. (Humanities if often the minor associated with a History Major, but you are well to create a minor of your own. Please talk to your advisor about doing so.)