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Careers in English

What can I do with an English Major?

To be or not to be . . .

Find jobs in Business, Industry, Media, Publishing and Government.

The Waldorf University English major prepares students for jobs in all professions where the ability to communicate effectively, read closely and critically, and think and solve problems is valued -- that is, virtually all professions. In fact, at Waldorf you can put these skills to work during an internship.

Be a Lawyer.

Our English major emphasizes instruction in critical thinking, research, and communication. As the Loyola University Chicago Law School writes to pre-law majors, "Law schools prefer students who can think, read, and write well, and who have some understanding of what shapes human experience." That's what English studies can do!!!

Be a Teacher.

Our English Education major offers courses in writing, literary study and teaching methods for 9th through 12th graders. Put your writing skills and love of reading to work in a classroom, sharing both the future generations.

Be a Doctor or Dentist.

Did you know that Medical and Dental Schools welcome students with a bachelor degree in English? Just pick up the science prerequisites as you work on the English major.

Go to Graduate School.

Waldorf University offers a graduate school preparation that fully prepares students to enter graduate programs in English in any institution nationwide. Graduates with MA's, MFA's, and PhD's can then teach at universities, colleges, and community colleges, as well as work in business, industry, and government.

Be a Writer.

Our Creative Writing major provides a sequence of writing workshops and courses.

Be an Editor.

Along with your coursework, you can work on the staff of The Lobbyist, The Muse or The Warrior. You can also complete your internship at a local or international press.

What can't I do with an English Major?

That is the (real) question.