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English Department


In the Waldorf University English Department, you will read the adventures of Beowulf and Shakespeare’s tragedies and comedies, as well as Jack Kerouac’s On the Road. You will study James Fenimore Cooper’s frontier narrative Leatherstocking Tales, American Renaissance literature by Emerson, Alcott and Fuller, and explore modern and contemporary literature, too. From the novels of Dickens to the poetry of Dickinson, you will cover a wide range of texts, for it is through discussing literature that we learn to understand more deeply the human condition and make meaning of the world around us.

We are a small department, and our size is our strength. Our faculty will work closely with you to nurture the clear expression of ideas, probe into insightful analysis, and help you discover your own creativity.

The English Department offers three majors: English, English Secondary Education, and Creative Writing, and minors in English and Creative Writing.

For the English Secondary Education major, you will need to take a variety of teacher-education classes in addition to your coursework in English and speech. You will have extraordinary opportunities for learning through classroom instruction, observations, and volunteer opportunities in schools, culminating in your hands-on experience as a student teacher.

To foster the connections between reading and writing, the Creative Writing and English majors both include courses that intersect the two disciplines. These majors also have an embedded Humanities minor that will expose you to a rich variety of interdisciplinary studies in art, music, theater, philosophy, religion, and history. The Humanities minor is intended to form a firm foundation in the meaning and importance of the written word by covering a breadth of genres, time periods, and nationalities.

Classes in the English Department are focused on building a student’s critical thinking, reading, and writing abilities, preparing them to go on to graduate school in various disciplines and also enter fields such as teaching, writing, editing, or publishing. What can you do with a Creative Writing or English major? Click here to find out.

English and Creative Writing majors also have the opportunity to apply for departmental scholarships. Please contact the Office of Admissions to learn more.

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