Students must make formal application into the Waldorf College Education Program. For application and requirements contact


Admission to Student Teaching

Students should apply a year in advance of the student teaching semester. Application for admission to student teaching will be acted upon by the Teacher Education Committee. 


Retention in the Teacher Education Program

A student accepted into the Teacher Education Program is expected to exhibit a level of professionalism that reflects the mission and goals of the Teacher Education Program. A student's progress is continually monitored. Retention in the program is based upon his/her ability to meet specified criteria which includes:

  1. Earning a grade of C- or higher in education and content core courses.
  2. Maintaining a minimum grade point average of 2.5 or higher in education and content core courses.
  3. Demonstrating the ability or potential to work effectively in an educational setting.


Waldorf College Education Club

Education students will be encouraged to participate in the Waldorf College Education Club throughout their college experience.

Community Service

All Waldorf students in the education program are required to give 12.5 hours of community service per semester, participating in activities sponsored by community groups related to their profession, or to volunteer activities. All community service needs to be volunteer, non-paid activities. If there is a question whether or not it is community service, see an education department member.


As specified by law since October 2000, education students will submit a waiver and fingerprint card with an accurate self-report of all past criminal convictions. This is used for an FBI/DCI criminal history background check.

Praxis II


Graduation Requirements

If a student has met all the requirements set by the Teacher Education Program and is recommended by the Waldorf College Licensure Officer, he/she will be recommended for teacher licensure in Iowa.

Licensing or certification of teachers is a function of each state. Students who are contemplating teaching in a state other than Iowa will need to apply for licensure in that specific state. Each student seeking to be licensed in a state other than Iowa is responsible for meeting the current requirements of that state.

In an era of increasing academic accountability, the Iowa Department of Education, Waldorf  and Teacher Education Program requirements may change after a college catalog has been printed. It is essential that students work with Education Department Advisors.