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Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice offered at Waldorf University is designed to provie students with a strong base of knowledge in the three primary areas of the criminal justice system: Law Enforcement, Courts and Corrections - our essential core curriculum is designed to establish a well-rounded foundation within your Criminal Justice career. In order to attain a solid immersion in the field, students select four classes from program electives in areas such as Juvenile Justice, Probation, Community Corrections and Advanced Criminology. The Waldorf University Criminal Justice program offers students a variety of electives that will keep students engaged with efforts and initiatives that are current within this field of study.

As a Waldorf University graduate, your degree in Criminal Justice will allow you to confidently pursue various careers. Examples include: Probation/Parole Officers, Case Managers, Correctional Officers, Police Officers, Investigators and Juvenile Court Advocates.

Waldorf Students can also support their Criminal Justice education with classes from other programs; such as Biology for Conservation Officer or Game Warden, Chemistry for Crime Scene Analysts or Technicians, Psychology for Correctional Case Management or Social Services and Business for Warden, Chief Probation Officer or Police Chief.

In their senior year, students take a required Senior Seminar, which cover various topics, including contemporary issues in criminal justice allowing individuals to apply what they've learned in courses to real-world scenarios and current issues.

An optional internship enhances the depth of the learning experience by providing the student with an opportunity to observe and participate in fieldwork. Students who waive an internship may instead choose four additional criminal justice electives within the program.

In addition to the Criminal Justice core requirements, the major requires completion of PSY 111, SOC 221 and a MTH 101+ (with a passing grad of C- or better) as welll as the choice of four additional Criminal Justice electives and one complementary supporting course, which may be chosen from: CHM 121, BIO 125, POLS 112, SOC 222 or PSY 322.

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