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What Students Say

"Being a member of the Honors College at Waldorf has been an essential part of my college experience. It has provided me with classes that are unique and innovated. These distinct classes have greatly helped in my critical thinking development, which I am able to utilize in every class at Waldorf. The classes have also given me the confidence and character to be a leader both inside and outside of the classroom. The Honors College has also provided me with a small classroom environment that has allowed me to work in a friendly, yet challenging atmosphere of peers."
- Amanda Schlumpberger

"Through the variety of classes included in the Honors College experience, coupled with the wonderful professors, I have grown to be a strong thinker and communicator. The classes were challenging, yet fun, and proved worth the effort. I now feel prepared for whatever the world throws my way."
- Daisy Wallace

"Honors College classes are more than the typical lecture and homework routine. They are a chance to immerse yourself in the context of the topic being studied and discover for yourself why events such as the French Revolution played out the way they did. Personally, I enjoyed the challenge of the Honors College courses because they were a chance to not only delve deeper into the subject at hand, but also to discover more about myself and what I stood for."
- Andy Stapleton