Recent Achievements of Bartelt, professor of Biology

Waldorf College
In February, Dr. Paul Bartelt authored and presented two posters with his students at the annual meeting of The Wildlife Society-Iowa Chapter. Student authors and titles of posters were:

Alyse DeVries: “Use of Iowa Roadways by Northern Leopard Frogs (Lithobates pipiens) When Dispersing Among Restored Wetlands”

Andrew Hudson: “Possible Disappearance of Red-backed Voles in Winnebago County: Is Climate Change a Contributing Factor?” On April 12, Andrew will give an oral presentation on his red-backed vole work at the 126th annual meeting of the Iowa Academy of Science.

In March, 2014, Bartelt received a small grant ($2,500) from the Iowa Department. of Natural Resources to begin a study entitled, “Use of Restored Wetlands on an Agricultural Landscape by Eastern Tiger Salamanders (Ambystoma tigrinum).”
Earlier this year, Bartelt became co-editor for Journal of Herpetology, flagship publication of the Society for the Study of Amphibians & Reptiles (largest international society of herpetologists). (read more)