Academic Affairs Office

The Academic Affairs office, located on the 2nd floor of Salveson Hall, is responsible for the administration of all academic programs of the college.

This includes curriculum development for both core and BA programs, curriculum assessment, faculty recruitment, development and evaluation, and institutional research. This office also oversees the activities of the library, the Academic Achievement Center, the Career Center, the Registrar's office, academic advising, international education, adult and continuing education, and, through the athletic director, intercollegiate athletics.

The Academic Affairs office gives overall coordination to the Honors College, academic policies and procedures, faculty governance, and commencement activities.

Faculty Handbook

The Faculty Handbook is available to view or download in PDF format.

Faculty Handbook Table of Contents

Faculty Handbook 

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Advising Handbook

The Advising Handbook is available to view or download in PDF format.

Advising Handbook Table of Contents

Advising Handbook


Appendix A: Board of Trustees 
Contact information available in President's Office.

Appendix B: Committee Memberships

Appendix C: Curriculum Change/New Course Proposal Form

Appendix D: College Vehicles

Appendix E: Professional Development Grants

Appendix F:Assessment Plan

Appendix G: Academic Integrity Policy

Appendix H: Scholarship and Creative Activity