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Music Fraternity chapter wins Outstanding Student Organization at Waldorf College

Waldorf College
Forest City, Iowa | Waldorf College established a Mu Phi Epsilon International Professional Music Fraternity chapter on campus three years ago. Even though the chapter is still in the building stages, with six committed student members, Mu Phi Epsilon received the Outstanding Student Organization award at this year’s Waldorf Student Senate SEAL (Students Excelling in Activities and Leadership) awards. 
“The awareness of our organization has definitely gone up,” Haley Rubin, Waldorf chapter president, said. “We have been putting on so many activities this year.” Rubin said they have held over ten events this year including caroling, volunteering at a piano festival, and performing at local nursing homes. The chapter has completed over 1,000 hours of volunteer work and community service this year.  Rubin said her favorite service activity was volunteering at the Humane Society.
Mu Phi Epsilon is a professional music fraternity, but students do not need to be music majors, or minors, to join. Students must have a music GPA, meaning they have taken at least one music class. “It is a place where students can come together over a common interest, hobby, or ability and meet new people. And it is an opportunity to expand out of your major,” Rubin said. “As president, I have learned a lot about leadership skills, organizing, and communicating with members and third party vendors for events.”
Dr. Kristin Taylor, associate professor of music and the organization faculty advisor, has played a large role in bringing Mu Phi Epsilon to the Waldorf campus. “At first I led the way in planning events and things, but now I let students direct what they want to do with relatively little guidance,” Dr. Taylor said.
Dr. Taylor said being a part of an organization such as Mu Phi Epsilon creates a lasting network that can be utilized in the years following college. “Alumni members are spread nationwide, and upon connecting an immediate bond is formed - opening the door to opportunities such as friendships or career relationships,” she said.  Rubin said the network is also used to expand students’ knowledge of different forms of music and careers available in the music field.
Members of the Waldorf College chapter of Mu Phi International Professional Music Fraternity:
Haley Rubin of Brandon, SD
Jonathan Overy of Manly, Iowa
Kelli Lair of Lake Mills, Iowa
Sam Morrison of Walcott, Iowa
Britt Banks of Sioux City, Iowa
Sarah Keely of Forest City, Iowa
Dr. Taylor and Kelli Lair will be representing their chapter at the annual international convention July 29 – August 2. It will be held in Sacramento, Calif., and they will be in attendance as a performing delegate and business delegate, respectively.
About Waldorf College
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