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Waldorf student displays artwork at senior student art exhibit

Waldorf College

Forest City, Iowa – Dean Safe is experiencing the culminating point of his undergraduate program at Waldorf College as his senior student art exhibition is being displayed at the Waldorf Gallery until April 25.

A native of Cannon Falls, Minn., Safe has included in his exhibition portraits of his family and friends and landscapes from home. A double major in English and Creative Writing with a minor in art, Safe has taken art classes throughout his time at Waldorf.

After experimenting with different areas of painting, like still life and landscapes, Safe finally decided to focus on portraits. “I could never really find something that could sustain my interest and make me feel accomplished,” said Safe. “These portraits are really personal to me. Hopefully people will appreciate them.” Safe was also one of the 21 students whose art was displayed in the Waldorf Gallery as part of the annual student exhibition last week.

Kristi Carlson, associate professor of art and director of the Waldorf Gallery, said Safe’s art has really blossomed in the last four years. “He started with a lot of enthusiasm and never abated,” said Carlson. “His work habits are really good. He is a good student with a lot of determination.”

The exhibition is free and open to the public.